PTE Info-Point inaugurated at the hearth of Pécs

Páva Zsolt the mayor of Pécs, Bishop Udvardy György and Bódis József Rector of the University Pécs (PTE) inaugurated the PTE Info-Point, which serves information about the city and the university for the visitors of Pécs and also for our international students. There will also be an opportunity for buying memorabilia of PTE. People will be informed about the colourful schemes and programs which are made for the memorial of the 650 th Jubilee year of the University of Pécs. During this period the citizens and the visitors can attend on many world-class concerts and scientific conferences to popularize the Hungarian higher education and culture.

Last year the parliament decided that September the first will be the day of higher education in the memorial of the establishment of the 650 years old University of Pécs. The reason that this would be a greatly enhanced emphasis on international pioneering role of historical periods spanning the Hungarian higher education , including the results of Hungarian science so the Hungarian higher education becomes a national heritage The press conference was linked with the ceremonial inauguration where it was said that they want to pay respect for the founders of the university with the many programs imagined by the organizers. These events aren’t focused for only the day of the memorial (September the 1 st ) but for the whole Jubilee year. Without being exhaustive during the events of the Jubilee the Magna Charta Obsevatory internation conference, II. Hungarian Culture Summit and the International Brain Research Program’s closing conference will be held in Pécs. Events for students will be held in the spirit of the Jubilee. Pen will be hosted in Pécs while EFOTT takes place in Velence but organized by the University of Pécs. The International Summer event is a promising youth program where thematic days are dealing with Asian, North-American and African cultural and scientific values. Topics about migration and international policy will be discussed and argued by the participants. On the first of September the statues of Bishop William and King Louis the Great will be inaugurated with the collaboration of the city and the diocese.


The lovers of art may attend on the PTE faculty of art’s Ceremonial Oratorio while the Janus University Theatre will perform about the life of Janus Pannonius made specially for the Jubilee. If all this wouldn’t be enough, Placido Domingo the world known opera singer and honorary doctor of PTE stated that he would like to be an active participant of the celebration. Because of the vibrant cultural life of Pécs this year will offer even more colourful programs for the anniversary. 

The newly inaugurated PTE Info-Point is in the hearth of the city in the famous Pécs Point. Its porpoise is to serve information for people about the city and Hungary’s first University. Also the university souvenirs like the "PTE" signed pullover can be found here and no need to go further than the Széchenyi square. The number of foreign students at the University of Pécs has grown rapidly in recent years, and in the context of the Modern Cities Program also stated that the target by 2020 is to reach five thousand. The Pécs point is now a practical target to acquire relevant information about the city and the city.