1st Sopianae International Photo Salon

A The early Christian grave stones and chapels of Pécs (earlier: Sopianae, established by the Romans two thousand years ago, later on, during the Frankish authority: Quinque Ecclesiae) are the precious treasures of the UNESCO World Heritage. St Stephen founded a bishopric here and the city name “Pécs” appears in our written records for the first time in 1093. Louis the Great established the first University of Hungary here in 1367: the University of Pécs is going to celebrate its 650th anniversary next year, in 2017. Janus Pannonius lived in this humanist intellectual centre, too, and the first public library of Hungary was also opened here. Pécs remained to be an administrative centre even during the Turkish occupation with several architectural monuments existing until today. Through its famous cultural institutions (National Theatre, Kodály Centre, Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, Zsolnay Museum), art collections (pl. Csontváry, Vasarely, Amerigo Tot, Ferenc Martyn) and rich cultural life it won the title of 'European Capital of Culture' deservedly in 2010.

The objective of the „Sopianae International Photo-Salon” is to enrich the cultural life of the city and the University based on the successes in the field of photography of Pécs in the the 60s’ and 70s’. The events of the Aeroclub in Pécs and its environs in 2016 provide the actuality of the C section of the competition. The 'City's Day' is connected with the foundation day of the University just as the closing day of the photo contest and the announcement of results links to this series of events.