PTE 650 Jubilee in Education

The Institute of Education in Educational Sciences Graduate School entitled this program series as: Past, Present, Future which intends to react to the university's 650-year jubilee of academic traditions. The main points of the program series are representing the diversity, plurality and inclusiveness.

Past: The Institute and predecessor linked to historical exhibition

Present: The four workshops are designed to introduce the current activities of the Institute so those who are interested in yielding insights into the world of research and development. These workshops are planned to show each segment of the diverse academic existance: Interactive games – in the spirit of sensitization, Mathematical competence development, Host university – the university as a host media, interactive walk – sites connected to teachers training are presented with the help of ICT tool where visitors can learn about the latest tools of education. (interactive board, on-line material)

Future: A forum that puts the teacher’s training and education science in focus. With the help of the Guest speakers, alumnus and the participants the potential pathways of development will be revealed.


Dr. habil. Mrázik Julianna

Szücs-Rusznak Karolina

Date of the event: 
2017. May 13. 08:00
Target audience: 
Locale of the event: 

Pécs, Ifjúság street 6/B