Open University event series

„How much does it cost to improve the regions and what it may bring?” 

Every year, tens of billions of euros, dollars, yuan and forints are spent in nations around the word for regional economic development. This money is spent on roads, developing economy and financing education or improving business conditions. The question remains how to distribute these supports between regions to rise the value of GDP. About a decade ago, there are methods in economics aimed at answering this question. The lecture shows calculations in the importance of economic policy through a plain style for everyone.


Attila Kosaras
(72) 501-500/12071

Date of the event: 
2017. May 02. 18:00
Target audience: 
Locale of the event: 

PTE Faculty of Adult Education and Human Resources Development
Hall of FEEFI
Pécs, Szántó Kovács János street 1/B.