Open University event series

The role of time in case of emergency service namely „ All is not lost that is delayed”

Within the confines of the Open University on the 4th of April, Dr. Radnai Balázs is going to give a lecture about the challenges of the emergency service. The title of the lecture is „All is not lost that is delayed” in which people get to know the methodology of the emergency service. Also questions like: how does emergency know where to go first? or whom to nurse first? in time so the patient’s state won’t get any worse will be answered.


Attila Kosaras
(72) 501-500/12071

Date of the event: 
2017. April 04. 18:00
Target audience: 
Locale of the event: 

PTE Faculty of Adult Education and Human Resources Development
Hall of FEEFI
Pécs, Szántó Kovács János street 1/B.