National Neuroscientist Program (NAP Closing conference)

The organization "NAP" has a long tradition in the national neuroscientist clinical and universal past. NAP aims to improve their contacts in neuroscience so the organization may compete on a higher scale. Getting know to the function of the human brain is one of the greatest challenge for the national and international scientists. Their goal is to provide knowledge of a fully-functioning human brain.
During the chairing of the A „Nemzeti Agykutatási Program” (NAP), Freud Tamás „The Brain Prize” Honouree member of MTA Institute of Experimental Medicine (MTA KOKI), former president of  the European Neuroscience Societies Association (FENS) and member of the Science and Technology Advisory Board  got requested for the event.  Thanks to Professor Freund and KOKI the greatest research begins in the EU’s Commission program of FET Flagship the “Human Brain Project”. During this project, the members of the consortium will participate.
The organization of NAP is focusing on five thematical pillars. The pillars and their Governors are the followings: Discovery research - Zoltan Nusser and Thomas Gabor, Department of Clinical Neuroscience Research - Thomas Dóczi, István Bitter, László Vécsei associated with drug development research - Szombathelyi Zsolt and Bitter George, bionics and Infobionics research - Stephen Ulbert and Erőss Lorand, Social challenges - Ferenc Oberfrank and László Csiba.

Date of the event: 
2017. September 01. 08:00
Target audience: 
Locale of the event: 

Pécs, Kodály Centre