International Spring - African Day – African Hungarian Union: Medical Missions in Africa

The Hungarian Africa Society which was founded in 2006 is a non-governmental foundation working in international aid and development. The mission of the organization is to develop the concerned countries with its own resources with active participation and helping others on a long distant process of change.

The African Hungarian Union is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that organises international aid and development, founded with the aim to aid the countries of Africa. The organization’s mission is to facilitate development through a.) the active participation of the concerned countries and b.) the utilization of their own resources – thus resulting in long term sustainable change.

This panel will demonstrate face paint and hair braids, as well as facilitate events such as African trivia and African games. Participants will also have the opportunity to apply as volunteers.  

Presentations will provide first-hand information about the joys and challenges of volunteer work.

16.00 Introduction of the African Hungarian Union

16.30 Dr. Anna Jakkel: I was a volunteer doctor in Africa

17.00 Dr. Krisztina Kiss: Life as a volunteer doctor in Hungary

17.30 Dr. Réka Fodor: Presentation of the book Afréka - Adventures of a doctor in a Humanitarian mission in Africa

18.00 Drum and singing show:  Serengeti Troupe

The band members came from sunlit Tanzania and play East African music.

Participation is free!

Program of the International Spring – African Days

Organizer: Hungarian Africa Company, Centre for International Relations


Gábor Kozma
+36 72 501 500 / 18533

Date of the event: 
2017. April 06. 16:00
Target audience: 
Locale of the event: 

Medical School Aula (Main hall)
Pécs, Szigeti str. 12.