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2017. June 22. 13:30 to 2017. June 25. 20:00

Plácido Domingo, our faculty doctor at the University of Pécs, is visiting Pécs, to re-impress the great city Pécs with his art. The international festival will be held from 22 to 25 June 2017 with the support of the University of Pécs. The founders of PÉCS - PLÁCIDO DOMINGO CLASSICS celebrate the decades for his outstanding, cross-border artistic work and humanitarian activities of the world-famous artist from Spain.

International Spring - Indian Evening

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House of Arts and Literature

Date of the event: 
2017. March 22. 17:00

This event is led by two extraordinary artists who lead participants on an imaginary journey to India. Pandit Rajesh Gangani, a worldwide known tabla musician, is famous for his virtuosity and original style and Saumya Shukla, kathak dancer, is a disciple of Nrityashri Alaknanda, currently teaching kathak dance at the Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Centre. The tabla is a membranophone percussion instrument (similar to bongos) consisting of a pair of small drums, able to create a wide variety of different sounds and rhythms.


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University of Pécs – Faculty of Humanities Building
Ifjuság Street – Room D-105

Date of the event: 
2017. March 28. 10:00

12:00 Canada:  A Land of Opportunities

Isabelle Poupart, Ambassador of Canada to Hungary

2017 marks Canada’s 150th anniversary.  What does this mean exactly? Furthermore, what does it mean to be Canadian today? Canadian ambassador Isabelle Poupart will address these questions and more! She will also elaborate on the strong relationship between Canada and Hungary (more than 320,000 Canadians have Hungarian roots!) as well as outline opportunities for Hungarian students to study abroad in Canada.

Our story continues: Collaboration between the Bloomsburg University and the University of Pécs

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Pécs PTE
University archives
Paulus restaurant
Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
Houses of Arts and Literature
ErdősmecskeGovernment of the Minority
Kodolányi János Primary and Secondary School of Vajszló

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2017. May 15. 09:45 to 2017. May 21. 21:45


Dr. Rab Virág

Dr. Agora Zsuzsanna 

PTE 650 Jubilee in Education

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Pécs, Ifjúság street 6/B

Date of the event: 
2017. May 13. 08:00

The Institute of Education in Educational Sciences Graduate School entitled this program series as: Past, Present, Future which intends to react to the university's 650-year jubilee of academic traditions. The main points of the program series are representing the diversity, plurality and inclusiveness.

Past: The Institute and predecessor linked to historical exhibition

International Spring – European Days – Novi Sad day: joint program by the University of Pécs and the University of Novi Sad (UNS)

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Date of the event: 
2017. April 28. 09:00

The University of Novi Sad, one of the most important Serbian partners to the University of Pécs, will present study opportunities at the UNS. In addition, a concert and sports competition will take place.


Gábor Kozma
+36 72 501 500 / 18533

International Spring – European Days – Explore the Russian world: Russian language and culture in Pécs

Locale of the event: 

Russian Centre
Ifjúság str. 6. D building IV. floor

House of Civil Communities

Date of the event: 
2017. April 24. 09:30 to 2017. April 27. 21:30

24 April

10 a.m. New trends in the development of the modern Russian language
A.A. Kotov, lecturer of the State University of Petrozavodsk
Location: Russian Centre (Ifjúság u. 6. D ép. IV. em.)

12 p.m. Introduction by Sz. Puskin ’Hóvihar’ with musical accompaniment
Location: Russian Centre (Ifjúság u. 6. D ép. IV. em.)

4 p.m. Exhibition Opening:  Russian children’s toys
Location: House of Civic Communities