PTE Info-Point inaugurated at the hearth of Pécs

Páva Zsolt the mayor of Pécs, Bishop Udvardy György and Bódis József Rector of the University Pécs (PTE) inaugurated the PTE Info-Point, which serves information about the city and the university for the visitors of Pécs and also for our international students. There will also be an opportunity for buying memorabilia of PTE. People will be informed about the colourful schemes and programs which are made for the memorial of the 650 th Jubilee year of the University of Pécs.

1st Sopianae International Photo Salon

A The early Christian grave stones and chapels of Pécs (earlier: Sopianae, established by the Romans two thousand years ago, later on, during the Frankish authority: Quinque Ecclesiae) are the precious treasures of the UNESCO World Heritage. St Stephen founded a bishopric here and the city name “Pécs” appears in our written records for the first time in 1093. Louis the Great established the first University of Hungary here in 1367: the University of Pécs is going to celebrate its 650th anniversary next year, in 2017.