Dear Guests!

bodis_jozsef_igkep.jpgThe founding charter of the University of Pecs has good reason to say that "Pecs is especially suited for disseminating the seeds of science".

Since King Louis the Great founded the predecessor of this institution in 1367 as the first in Eastern-Central Europe there have been many changes: faculties moved back and forth, legendary professors were followed by their hard-working students in professorship. The University of Pecs is the first university in Hungary.

Today, this University is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Hungary with the widest spectrum of teaching and research activities. We are proud of the achievements of our professors, our scientists, furthermore we are proud to share this knowledge with our students and the wider public. Our University represents and accepts as its own a great tradition going back to the Middle Ages, while at the same time it also plays an active role in the task of institutionalizing new knowledge that is aimed both at the present and the future.

The University of Pecs is not only the University of the city Pecs, but of the South-Transdanubian region. It is the biggest employer in the city; it plays a determining role in every in­tellectual area of the region, in the arts, science and medicine as well. The University of Pécs, founded by King Louis the Great in 1367 will celebrate its 650th jubilee in the upcoming 2 years. We have already started preparations for this excellent year, accordingly you, who will have the chance to participate in the baronial school year opening ceremony on the 1st of September, 2017 and in more programs organized in the spirit of the jubilee in the next two years as well. The first outstanding opening event will be held on the 20th of November 2015, called “650 days before the 650th anniversary”.

I wish you cheerful and successful years with excellent performances and not least I hope, that our jubilee programs will bring you closer to our University and our beautiful city, Pécs.

Dr. József Bódis University of Pécs rector